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Most residents can only name a handful of the dozens of important services provided by county government.  In order to foster greater public awareness of the role and responsibilities of Georgia’s counties and the value that they bring to the local community, the ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation, in partnership with ACCG, Georgia’s county association, developed the You Are Why We’re Here public outreach and education program.  Designed to help teach Georgians about county government programs and services, this program employs an engaging website, social and electronic media, diverse communications tools for counties and resources for educators to help tell the county government story in a positive, proactive way. 

The central focus of the You Are Why We’re Here program is an interactive website,  Here, Georgians can explore a beautifully illustrated community dotted with bright yellow You Are Why We’re Here markers pointing out dozens of county=provided services.  Residents from Georgia counties throughout the state – both large and small – can see the places their county government is at work that they may not normally recognize, just by spending a few minutes exploring this website.

In addition, people can dive deeper into county government operations through the additional information provided on the website.  The Georgia Counties section even links to an active database that lists county officials, millage rate and population data, and more – allowing people to learn more about their specific county.

To learn more about You Are Why We’re Here, explore the resources below or contact ACCG Strategy & Innovation Director Beth Brown at (404) 522-5022 or

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