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ACCG Insurance Catastrophic Inmate Health Coverage

Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance is an insurance policy with a structured reimbursement model for which eligible medical expenses incurred outside the walls of the jail can be reimbursed.

Coverage is written according to the needs of the purchasing agency. For instance, you can purchase coverage for prior-to-booking/in-pursuit as a stand-alone policy or add it as an additional coverage.

ACCG member counties receive a 5% reduction in premiums, an expanded per inmate coverage maximum of $300,000 and a policy maximum of $1.2 million at no additional cost.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Includes In-Pursuit/”Prior to booking”
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions
  • Minimum inmate count: 2 inmates
  • $300,000 Coverage Limit per inmate
  • $1,200,000 policy aggregate
  • 12-month policy period
Eligible Expenses:
  • Inpatient Hospital Services
  • Outpatient Hospital Services
  • Physician Services
  • Outpatient Diagnostic, X-ray, Labs
  • Emergency Room
  • Ambulance Services
  • Medical Services and Supplies

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Ben Pittarelli, Health Program and Insurance Marketing Director, at (404) 522-5022 or [email protected]

Joe Dan Thompson, Marketing and Field Service Representative, at (404) 522-5022 or [email protected]

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