Information technology services

A number of county and city governments have had their computer systems hacked and have had to pay ransom in Bitcoin to unlock their systems and to retrieve their data. ACCG recognized the need to establish a uniform Information Technology Service to protect our members from unwanted intrusion, public embarrassment and unnecessary cost.

The technology industry is always in a constant state of change and counties are often at a disadvantage in evaluating and selecting information technology services. ACCG understands what our members need to operate and to provide services around the clock. We also understand the need to protect and backup digital information which we do and also provide online and telephone support for your employees 24 hours each day, 7 days each week.

Our IT services monitor and protect all of your computer equipment and software. In monitoring the health and daily use of your computers, we know when each one should be replaced and we provide you with a moving five-year plan for budgeting purposes. No more surprises at budget time.

Successful local government is all about planning for the future. Let us help you plan.

For more information on our Information Technology Services, contact:

Brent Williams, Member Services
Phone: 404.522.5022

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