ACCG Board of Managers Nominations Now Open

A Call for Officer Nominations was sent out announcing the nomination period for the 3rd Vice President position. Nominations are due by February 26, 2019.  This process follows a procedure that is outlined in our bylaws and in an additional policy adopted by the Board of Managers.  Once this position is slated, a second nomination period will open to fill the position vacated by the individual slated for the officer position, as well as any seats that have term-limited out – this year this is only the 2nd District Representative seat. To access the nomination schedule, click here

If there is a current board member you wish to nominate for consideration, please reference the list of Board Members that are eligible for Nomination to Officer. A digital file of the ACCG District Map can be found here.

Please direct all questions/concerns to ACCG Strategy,Innovation & Board Relations Director Beth Brown at 770.262.5092 or