Working with Hard-to-Count Communities

Today we are exactly one year away from the start of the 2020 Census! Having an accurate and complete count for your county is very important. The census data collected with be used for the next 10 years and will impact the following:

  • local, state, and congressional representation
  • tier designation
  • grant eligibility such as for CDBG grants
  • LOST negotiations
  • determine eligibility for over $600 billion in federal funding for numerous programs including Medicare, highway planning and construction, health center programs,  SNAP, WIC, Section 8 housing, Head Start, etc.
  • determine eligibility for state programs and grants
  • comprehensive planning
  • service delivery

The best way to ensure an accurate count is to create a local complete count committee. Details on how to create a local complete count committee are available on the U.S. Census website. To have a Census Bureau staff member visit your county to help with this process, contact Vicki Mack at

Once you have created a local complete count committee, it is important to identify the hard-to-count areas and  populations within your county. Hard-to-count information for Georgia, including resources and maps, is provided on the ACCG  2020 Census Page and through the following article: