ACCG Staff Teleworking Effective Monday, March 16 and until Further Notice

In response to the continuing and escalating concerns created by the spread of COVID-19 as well as the urging by Governor Brian Kemp during Thursday’s press conference to have employees work from home, ACCG is transitioning our staff to telework beginning Monday, March 16 and until further notice. 

Like other business and organizations, this decision was made in the interest of protecting the personal health of our employees and playing our part in limiting the spread of this virus.   We have strongly urged our employees to reduce their exposure to other potential sources of infection during this time as well. 

Our Operations team and managers are working hard to ensure that this transition allows for continuity of our services to counties.  Our regular office phone lines will work, including the numbers for insurance claims and retirement services, and processes will continue to function as usual.    

This is an evolving and unprecedented time for federal, state and local governments.  ACCG will continue to monitor information from state and federal agencies regarding coronavirus and disseminate to counties relevant information.  If you have any questions regarding this situation or its impacts on county services, our team stands ready and will be accessible to you.