Sivad Business Solutions

Sivad Business Solutions, a software developer headquartered in Atlanta GA, was founded with a mission to identify and fix work processes that waste employee time, lower employee productivity and affect the bottom line. By coupling knowledge and expertise with software development, Sivad is able to provide solutions that automate the processes used by government organizations to run their day-to-day business. 

Sivad was chosen as a preferred partner by ACCG for the work they have done in automating Campaign Finance Filing. Sivad’s software product offering is known as EasyVote. Made up of multiple modules, EasyVote is used in over 60 counties in Georgia to run various parts of the election process. EasyVote’s newest module, EasyFile, was created specifically to solve the issues of collecting the necessary forms that every county elected official or candidate needs to file in Georgia.  The product allows for electronic filing and has been a huge benefit to the counties using the software.  Visit, for more information on EasyVote and EasyFile.

Sivad’s team is led by Ron Davis and Sandy Phillips who both have years of experience helping county government solve multiple problems through technology. 

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