State Farm Teams with the Civic Affairs Foundation to Expand GCAPS

The ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation recently received a grant from State Farm. Grant funding will be used to expand the Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students (GCAPS) to two new counties. The Georgia Civic Awareness Program for Students (GCAPS) was developed by ACCG staff and county officials to address the need for increased civic involvement and awareness among our state's youth. GCAPS participants walk away understanding the functions of county government and local government, and learning about the importance of community, voting, attending public meetings and monitoring government activities through the media.

If your county does not have a GCAPS program and wish to help educate young citizens, apply for your chance to win funding for $2,500 by Friday, August 4, 2017.

The application can be found here.

Inside the application also contains more information about GCAPS and the ACCG Civice Affairs Program.