Legislative Study Committees: Final Reports

Study Committees examine various issues, release reports which include any findings, recommendations, or legislative proposals a committee deems appropriate. The following are reports of interest to counties.


House Rural Development Council Final Report

COPS (Compensation of Police and Sheriffs) Task Force 

Senate Special Tax Exemption Study Committee Final Report

Joint Legislative Study Committee on Stream Buffers in Georgia Final Report

*Notes:  The Stream Buffer Committee held three meetings and included in its final reports are the committee findings and recommendations related to the issue of wrested vegetation, width of stream buffers, and private property rights of landowners. The committee concluded that the topic is worth further study.

Joint Study Committee on Storm Water Management Fees Final Report

*Notes:  The Storm Water Management Fees Study Committee's report includes three recommendations that included a request for ACCG, the Georgia Municipal Association, and the Georgia Association of Water Professionals to develop a best practices guide for stormwater utility credit programs.