News from the Georgia Geospatial Information Office

The Georgia Geospatial Information Office has some exciting news! 

The Georgia GIO is pleased to announce the launch of high-resolution statewide imagery that's now available to all Georgia Government Employees! This improved Aerial imagery will be widely used throughout every level of government, to support efforts such as economic development, infrastructure management, transportation planning, public works, public safety, tax assessment and emergency management. The Georgia GIO is asking for your help to build support for additional funding to purchase updates to the imagery as they are flown, and to build and maintain a support Program around the imagery. To help, read more about this improved imagery and share your stories about how this technology helps you do your job. 

Click here to read the announcement.

In addition to the new Aerial imagery, Georgia has been awarded a Multi-Million Dollar United States Geological Survey (USGS) 3D Elevation Program grant to acquire elevation data for more than 60 counties. Accurate elevation data plays an integral role in various areas within the state, from economic development to forest resources management. Eventually, this data will help improve the impact our public safety and emergency response services have on the community.

Click here to read more about USGS 3DEP Grant.