Local Design Standards Preempted

Home Builders and Realtors Team Up to Prohibit Local Zoning Design Standards 
Rep. Vance Smith introduced HB 302, a mammoth preemption bill that usurps local governments’ ability to regulate building design elements in single or double family dwellings. The proposed bill would prohibit the following local building standards:
  • Exterior building color
  • Type or style of exterior cladding material
  • Style or materials of roof structures or porches
  • Exterior nonstructural architectural ornamentation
  • Location or architectural styling of windows and doors including garage doors
  • Number and types of rooms
  • Interior layout of rooms
  • Types of foundation structures approved under state minimum standard codes
In short, if a house meets state minimum standard building codes, it can be built. The preemption does not apply to state or federal historic districts, mobile homes and homes governed by a neighborhood association or covenant. 
Please e-mail Deputy Legislative Director Todd Edwards (tedwards@accg.org ) to let him know if and how this bill will impact your county’s zoning regulations, and share any concerns you may have with your House member(s).