EMSC Transparency Bill Pass the House

HB 264 requires that any person who promotes or opposes matters before a local coordinating entity regarding the Emergency Medical Systems Communications (EMSC) Program is subject to transparency and lobbyist disclosure laws. Additionally, this bill adds:

  • New administrative requirements regarding members and chairpersons of local coordinating entities
  • New conflict of interest provisions which exclude members of coordinating entities who are owners or employees or agents of an EMS provider submitting proposals for contracts within the territorial zone
  • New procedural requirements for the proposal of modifying territorial zones and methods of distributing calls among ambulance providers participating in the EMSC Program
  • New accountability standards for ambulance providers in each health district
  • On and after July 1, 2019, each ambulance provider will be required to submit a monthly report regarding the accountability standards

This legislation has changed dramatically from the original version, please review carefully and provide any feedback to Debra Nesbit (dnesbit@accg.org). Click here for details.