Marketplace Facilitator Bills Remain in Play

Two versions of a bill that would substantially increase state and local sales tax collections remain in play for the final day of this year’s session. Generally referred to as the “marketplace facilitator” bills, these bills would require each online sales platform such as Amazon, Google, AirBnb, etc., to collect and remit state and local sales taxes if the platform facilitates at least $100,000 in annual Georgia sales. While taxes are already owed on these transactions, in many cases they are not being collected. This proposed change is estimated to increase local sales tax collections to the tune of approximately $70 million per year.
HB 276 includes the above requirements but, as amended by the Senate, would exempt all ride-share transactions (Uber, Lyft) and taxi/limo services from all sales taxes. As amended by the House, SB 128 does not include that ride-share exemption. SB 128 is currently pending in the Senate, awaiting that chamber’s agreement or disagreement to the House version. Please contact your Senators and urge them to AGREE to SB 128 as amended by the House.