Time to Update the CLC Network

The 2020 legislative session is just around the corner and, as usual, there will be no shortage of bills significantly impacting Georgia’s counties.  As we prepare for the session and in our going mission to heighten county involvement in the legislative process, we are asking for your assistance in updating our list of ACCG’s County Legislative Coordinators (CLCs).  

ACCG established the CLC network in 2010 to help improve communications among and between counties and legislators while the General Assembly is in session. The CLC will serve two primary roles:

  • Help keep their county commissioners and county management updated on legislation of importance to counties (this information is provided by ACCG’s weekly Legislative Updates), and
  • Provide your county-specific information to ACCG and your legislative delegation to help policymakers assess the impact of proposed legislation on your county.

Further details on the responsibilities of a CLC can be found here.

ACCG is requesting counties’ assistance in the following areas:

  1. Please review the current list (last updated in 2018) of county-appointed CLCs;
  2. If your county’s CLC remains the same, please confirm that this is correct;
  3. If your county’s CLC will be someone else, or your county did not designate a CLC for 2019 but you would like to do so for 2020, please let us know; and
  4. If there are any changes from 2019, please provide us the new/correct name, title, office, cell phone number and e-mail address for your CLC.      

County chairmen are asked to designate the CLC.  If you would like, your county can officially designate your CLC by passing this resolution at a commission meeting.  Once the resolution passes, please forward ACCG a copy, again including the name, title, office, cell phone number and email address for your CLC.

To update, confirm or appoint a CLC, or to provide ACCG your CLC resolution, please contact Monique Jackson at mjackson@accg.org (fax: 404-589-7820).  She will be able to answer any questions and provide additional information if needed.