House "Workforce Housing" Study Committee Issues Final Report

The House Study Committee on Workforce Housing issued its final report this past week. Not surprisingly, top among this group’s recommendations is to prohibit Georgia’s cities and counties from enacting local residential design standards on new homes/subdivisions and encourage local governments to loosen “outdated” zoning codes on apartments and manufactured housing. The legislation to enact the residential design standard preemption has already been introduced, HB 302 and SB 172, and is expected to get traction during the 2020 legislative session. Although the report acknowledges that “low-cost, high-design affordable housing can be attractive within communities”, under this proposal, housing design would be left to developers so long as state minimum building standards are met. Local communities and governments would no longer have say in the matter, but would have to deal with the long-term impacts. 
ACCG strongly opposes these bills, believing that zoning, land use, the enactment of design standards and addressing manufactured and multi-family housing should remain determined by Georgia’s local governments - those officials who are elected, responsible and accountable to reflect their community’s housing needs and future development.                    
To view the final report, please click here.
If your county is interested in adopting a local resolution opposing this legislative preemption, please click here
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