Deadline Adjustments for Reporting Requirements

Counties with a Comprehensive Plan/Plan Update or Capital Improvement Element (CIE) due on the June 30, 2020 deadline will be able to request a one-time extension to the October 31, 2020 deadline. This will not permanently change your deadline. The county is expected to submit either the Plan/SDS/CIE or a letter requesting an extension from the Chief Elected Official by the June 30 deadline in order to maintain compliance. The county should submit one of these to DCA by June 30. Any questions or requests can be sent to

The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and the Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA) are offering a combined, one-time 90-day extension for county audits and Reports of Local Government Finance (RLGF. This is similar to the joint DOAA-DCA extensions that were offered in the months following Hurricane Michael in 2018. This extension is applicable to FY2019 submissions, and is available for those counties with reporting due dates of March 31, 2020-June 30,2020  (FYE dates of  September 30-December 31, 2019). 

The county’s Chief Elected Official should submit a request for extension to DOAA at by their respective submission deadline (six months after the conclusion of the county’s fiscal year). In response, a letter will be sent on DOAA letterhead acknowledging the extension and providing information on the new submission deadline. For this special circumstance, the extension will apply to both DOAA and DCA submissions. In ordinary circumstances, these would be separate extension requests to the respective agencies.

If a county is able to complete and submit their audit and/or RLGF by the current deadline, they are encouraged do so. Either the submission or the request for extension should be submitted by the existing deadline in order to maintain eligibility for all funding, designations, etc.