Two Day Business Report Period Reminder

(May 1, 2020 to June 8, 2020)

Due to a change in the election date, all candidates participating in the upcoming June 9, 2020 election are now subject to the Two Business Day Reporting Requirement through June 8th.  

The Two Business Day Report is used to report contributions (including loans) of $1,000 or more that are received between the last report due before an election (i.e. April 30, 2020) and the election itself (i.e. June 9, 2020). The contribution(s) must be reported to the Commission within two business days of receipt of the contribution.  Also, please remember that any contribution reported on a Two Business Day Report WILL ALSO be reported on the next regularly scheduled campaign contribution disclosure report (i.e. June 30, 2020).  See O.C.G.A. § 21-5-34(c)(2)(C).

The following identifying information is required

*Full name of the contributor
*Mailing address of the contributor
*PAC affiliation if applicable
*Date contribution was received
*Occupation & employer of the contributor
*Amount of contribution
*Type of contribution (Monetary, In-Kind or Loan)
*Election (Primary, Primary Run-Off, General, General Run-Off, etc.)

The Two Business Day Report must be reported by facsimile or electronic transmission (e-filing). Any facsimile filing must also have an identical electronic filing within five business days following the facsimile filing.  Candidates utilizing a third-party filing system (e.g. Aristotle, NPG, etc.) will have to use the Commission’s e-filing system for the submission of the Two Business Day Report as third-party vendors do not presently support the filing of Two Business Day Reports.

There is no grace period for the TBD Report.

If you have questions, please contact your local election superintendent.