July Leadership Institute is at Compacity

The two-day Leadership Institute taking place July 20-21, 2023. has officially reached registration compacity. 

For those working on CORE Certification, the next opportunity to complete the two-day Leadership Institute is November 16-17, 2023 in Fayette County. More information regarding the November Leadership Institue will be released in the future. 


Leadership Institute is one of the nine required CORE classes and is an intense, two-day leadership experience. Completion of an Emergenetics assessment is required prior to attending.

Why Emergenetics? And why do I have to complete a leadership assessment?

All leadership institute participants complete the scientifically valid and reliable assessment to generate a personal Emergenetics Profile to understand the ways you prefer to think and behave.

Your Emergenetics Profile reveals your preferences, so you can begin to understand the impact your inherent strengths have on the way you communicate, collaborate and lead. With an understanding of the Emergenetics Attributes, you can enhance your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, productivity and personal effectiveness.

Each Leadership Institute is limited to less than 30 people by design. A smaller session ensures an unforgettable leadership experience for participants. All meals and activities are required to receive credit, confirmed registrants will receive additional information via email.

What if the session fills up?

Not to worry! We are offering another Leadership Institute November 16-17th and 2-3 more offerings in 2024.

Please be on the lookout for a “heads up” email announcing exactly when registration will open. Those interested in attending will need to register through their county clerk.