County Attorneys' Listserv

ACCG created a forum for county attorneys to discuss legal issues through the county attorneys' listserv. This listserv allows for the free exchange of information within the confines of the members of the listserv. Members of the listserv are encouraged to ask questions and to answer questions based on their experience and expertise. Listserv members are also encouraged to observe the rules of decorum in posting information and to use the listserv for its intended purpose. The listserv guidelines are available here.  If you would like to join this  listserv, submit an email request to the ACCG legal staff. The request should contain your full name and the county that you represent.  Additional information may be requested before you are allowed access to the listserv. ACCG reserves the right to deny access to anyone requesting membership to the county attorneys’ listserv or to anyone who abuses this listserv.