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ACCG Insurance Report an ACCG Insurance Claim

The "Report A Claim" page is designed to allow counties and authorities that participate in ACCG's Insurance Programs to report claims directly to the ACCG Claims Office. It is not intended to allow an injured employee to report a workers’ compensation claim or an injured citizen to report a claim. If you are an injured employee or a citizen trying to report a claim, please contact the appropriate person at the county. They should be able to take the appropriate information and report it to ACCG or the appropriate party.


Report a Claim

Need Help? Claims Reporting Instructions


If additional individuals need access, they will need to contact Mary Reid, Insurance Services Supervisor, at 678.225.4263 or 877.421.6298 or EMAIL: [email protected].

We encourage all ACCG members to report claims through this on-line entry system, however if you are unable to do so please complete the applicable form below and email or fax to our office.

Workers’ Compensation Form
Property & Liability Claim Fillable Form

EMAIL: [email protected]
FAX: (678) 225-4240 | (888) 221-4079 Toll Free

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TEL: 404.614.2553 | 877.421.6298
FAX: 678.225.4240 | 888.221.4079
EMAIL: [email protected]