Member Services

ACCG’s Member Services programs seek to provide diverse offerings designed to help counties maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. The association’s two leading efforts – ACCG Insurance Programs and ACCG Retirement Services (GEBCorp) – were created with the specific purpose of serving the needs of Georgia county governments and related organizations such as authorities. These ACCG programs are overwhelmingly the preferred provider for most counties in Georgia as a result of their vast knowledge of county government issues and concerns, commitment to customer service and fee structures.

Additionally, ACCG offers other innovative programs for counties including financing, technical assistance, and much more. Through ACCG’s communications efforts, the association seeks to increase public awareness about and appreciation for the role and function of county government as well as to serve as an information-sharing resource for best practices in county operation.

There is only one constant in Georgia county government – ACCG. We have been here serving Georgia’s counties since 1914.

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