Mission & Code of Ethics

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia to enhance the role, stature and responsiveness of county government in Georgia. Since counties are the level of government closest to the people and serve all the people of the state, ACCG will promote the ability of Georgia counties to provide public services responsibly, efficiently, and cost effectively through cooperative legislative action, education of public officials, provision of quality member services and technical assistance, and increasing public awareness of critical local government issues.

Building Consensus

ACCG embraces a policy committee process to reach consensus among county officials. Among the most accepted strategies in consensus building, the committee process gives all county officials the opportunity to offer views as to the present and future of county government in Georgia. ACCG has six standing policy committees: Economic Development and Transportation, General County Government, Health and Human Resources, Natural Resources and Environment, Public Safety and the Courts, and Revenue and Finance.

Member Services

ACCG also administers a comprehensive array of member services, tailored to meet the needs of county governments. These include insurance, financing, managerial, technical assistance programs, and training.

Exchanging Ideas

ACCG hosts a number of meetings and training opportunities throughout the year, culminating in the Annual Meeting in the spring which is the largest gathering of county officials in the state.

Code of Ethics

As the duly elected or designated commissioner(s) of this Georgia county which is a member in good standing of this Association County Commissioners of Georgia, we subscribe to the ACCG Code of Ethics.

  • To continue to make honesty the keystone of our efforts, by being always mindful of our oath of office, and by practicing honesty and impartiality in all our actions.
  • To keep the public informed on county operations and activities since we believe that “county business is ever public business.”
  • To expend all county income economically for the greatest good of all county residents.
  • To provide a certified annual audit of all county income, expenditures, and investments.
  • To set up and follow a budgetary expense for county income and expenditures.
  • To employ only persons found to be properly qualified by training or experience for key county jobs.
  • To appraise all real and personal property impartially for tax purposes.
  • To encourage the commercial, cultural, and industrial development of our country through sound planning and practical cooperation with other local governments, institutions, state and federal agencies.
  • To remember always that “In God We Trust” in pursuit of the American Way of free enterprise and independence through “Local Government – The Bulwark of Democracy.”