2022 Salary Guide Now Available

ACCG has prepared a revised 2022 Salary Guide for County Officials to reflect the recently published county-level 2020 Census figures (Appendix D). As noted in the earlier version of the Guide, counties are required to use these official 2020 Census figures to determine the base salary of many county officers. In addition to reviewing the General Principles (pp. 4-5), which include significant changes from the 2021 Guide, please note the following: 

  • As compared to the 2019 Census estimates included in the earlier version of the 2022 Guide, the final Census figures reflect several counties have moved into a higher population bracket, which in turn will increase the 2022 base salaries for constitutional officers and magistrates in those counties (unless local legislation dictates otherwise). Those counties are Columbus-Muscogee, Decatur, Forsyth, Jackson, Miller, and Morgan. For counties whose population fell into a lower bracket, the general rule is that incumbent officials are entitled to base salaries as reflected in an earlier decennial Census for so long as they remain in that office. See the first two bullet points on p. 4 of the Guide for further details.
  • The annual supplement for probate judges serving as magistrate clerks (p. 18, Step 8) has been corrected. While the salary Worksheet (Appendix A) in the original Guide was correct, the accompanying text included two transposed numbers.

Please be sure to consult with your county attorney if you have questions about the Guide.