ACCG Policy Council

The ACCG Policy Council is chaired by the association’s 1st Vice President and is comprised of the ACCG Executive Committee as well as the policy committee chairs and vice chairs. The Policy Council is charged with developing the final County Platform and presenting it to the entire membership for a vote at the Legislative Leadership Conference.

ACCG Policy Committees

The policy development process begins each spring when the ACCG president appoints chairs to lead each of the seven standing policy committees that include:

Committee membership is open to all elected and appointed county officials, and those interested may request assignments to the committees of their choice. All officials are welcome to attend the meetings and are both strongly encouraged and welcomed to provide their input into the groups’ deliberations. ACCG members that are engaged in various policy committees benefit from research and advisement from state and federal officials, private authorities (as appropriate), and shared experiences from their county colleagues from across the state.

Please contact Communications Manager Schuyler Harding at [email protected] for more information or if you are interested in joining a committee.