Professional Organizations

There are a number of professional organizations that provide resources, training and membership opportunities for attorneys specializing in local government law. While some organizations require membership in order to participate or view the full range of legal materials offered, other organizations provide full access to their resources to the general public.

Legal Organizations

American Bar AssociationThe American Bar Association has several sections that may be of interest to Georgia county attorneys.

o Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division

o Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources

o Section of Public Contract Law

o Section of Public Utility, Communications, and Transportation Law

o State and Local Government Law Section

Institute for Continuing Legal Education

The Institute for Continuing Legal Education provides continuing legal education, including the annual Institute for City and County Attorneys.

International Municipal Lawyers Association

The International Municipal Lawyers Association is made up of county and city attorneys from the United States and Canada. In addition to serving as a clearinghouse of information for local government attorneys, it offers several training opportunities throughout the year.

National District Attorneys Association

In other states, the district attorney serves as county attorney. The National District Attorneys Association provides training and other information on local government law issues.

o Government Civil Practice

National Association of Public Pension Attorneys

The National Association of Public Pension Attorneys (NAPPA) is a legal professional and educational organization. Created in 1987, its membership consists exclusively of attorneys who represent public pension funds. Its purpose it to provide educational opportunities and informational resources for its member attorneys.

State Bar of Georgia

o Eminent Domain Section

The Eminent Domain Section promotes education relating to the law of eminent domain in the state of Georgia.

o Government Attorneys Section

The Government Attorneys Section provides a forum for government attorneys at all levels of government.

o Local Government Law Section

The Local Government Law Section provides a forum for lawyers representing local governments to exchange ideas and experience.

o State and Local Legal Center

The State and Local Legal Center (SLLC) files amicus curiae briefs in support of States and local governments in the U.S. Supreme Court, conducts moot courts for attorneys arguing before the Supreme Court, and provides other assistance to States and local governments in connection with Supreme Court litigation.

Other Organizations

National Association of Counties

The National Association of Counties (“NACo”) represents county governments at the national level.

Georgia Municipal Association

The Georgia Municipal Association (“GMA”), ACCG’s sister organization, represents Georgia city governments.