Local Redistricting Update

The Secretary of State’s Office has requested that election staff input all redistricting changes from new redistricted maps into their voter registration system by February 18, 2022. This request is being made to ensure all voters are in correct districts in time for qualifying the week of March 7, 2022. A copy of the letter can be found here. Additionally, both the House and Senate leadership have indicated that all local redistricting legislation must pass by the beginning of February to meet this deadline.  
While the deadline provided by the Secretary of State’s Office is not a legal requirement, it is the deadline that elections staff believe to be necessary to administratively prepare for qualifying. Further, it has been noted by the press that Governor Kemp has communicated to legislators that he wants all local redistricting maps ready for signature prior to qualifying. As such, ACCG recommends that counties that have not yet completed or adopted their maps in preparation for the local Act to be prepared by the General Assembly to consider the following steps in streamlining the process:
  1.  CRITICAL LOCAL AD INFORMATION. Please click here for details.
  2. All maps that are not drawn by the Reapportionment Office (i.e., maps drawn by the county or by a consulting group) must be certified through a technical review by the Reapportionment Office before they can be adopted locally or can be introduced by the General Assembly. This is a brand-new requirement that was passed in 2019. This step is not needed for maps drawn for your county by the Reapportionment Office. The Reapportionment Office has noted that almost all maps that are drawn outside of their office require changes to be made once they are submitted for technical review. Allowing the Reapportionment Office to correct these issues rather than having the county or consulting group make the correction and send it back to the Reapportionment Office for review will reduce the time it takes to certify the map. 
  3.  If your county is making changes other than simply adjusting district lines such as changing commissioner terms (length of term, staggered versus concurrent), changing district numbers/names, switching from at-large to district or vice versa, etc., make sure that these proposed changes have been noted in your communications with Reapportionment and in preparation for the local Act.
  4.  Complete the Post-2020 Census Local Redistricting Checklist and Chart and provide to your legislative sponsor for legislative counsel to use in drafting your local Act. Completing this form may save time in the creation of your local Act in that all the details needed to draft the Act will have been provided in one document. 
ACCG updated the Local Redistricting Toolkit in December to include more FAQs and a sample redistricting resolution. It is available on the ACCG website here. If your county has any questions about maps or the new certification process for maps drawn outside of the Reapportionment Office, please contact Brian Knight, Local Redistricting Coordinator at [email protected]. If your county attorney has questions about the local ad or preparations for the local Act, please have him or her contact Stuart Morelli, Deputy Legislative Counsel at 404-656-5000. 
Click here to read ACCG's urgent update on reapportionment in its entirety.

For more redistricting information and resources, visit the ACCG 2020 Census webpage.