Financial Services

ACCG offers several programs to assist Georgia counties with financial needs ranging from purchasing equipment and financing facilities to assisting with short-term operating needs. We understand the difficulties in obtaining financing for much needed long-term local government purchases. As your County Association, we use our Section 115 tax status to serve as the legal authority to give you financing options. By leveraging the collective purchasing and financing power of Georgia’s 159 counties, we can obtain competitive rates and we make the process easier for you.

Tap in to ACCG’s expertise and established partnerships in these areas to help your county get competitive financing rates. Information on ACCG’s financial services programs is provided below.

For more information on any of these programs, contact:

Brent Williams, County Consulting Services Associate: Business Development and Customer Relations
Phone: 229.942.4363
Email: [email protected]

Vehicle and Equipment Financing Program

ACCG’s Vehicle and Equipment Financing Program allows Georgia counties to finance the purchase of equipment without incurring county debt. The program may be used to obtain all kinds of equipment, such as 911 telecommunications systems, safety and other vehicles, computers, and road maintenance equipment, making “paying-as-you-go” financing a viable option.

To keep administrative and financing costs low, the program offers an easy to complete, simple application with standard closing documents. Through the program, participating banks agree to use ACCG’s financing documents and compete to offer the needed financing, helping to ensure competitive financing rates.

The program allows members to use the statewide purchasing power of ACCG to attract competitive rates. Financing can be for a period of time not to exceed the useful life of the equipment financed and counties must meet established credit tests to qualify for the program. Counties are strongly encouraged to group their equipment purchases into one transaction to get the best financing rate.

Counties are under no obligation and incur no cost to allow us to give you a quote.

How does the program work? Counties interested in using the program should:

  • Contact Brent Williams at 404.522.5022 or email [email protected] to discuss their needs.
  • Download and submit the program application and instructions: Instructions and Application
  • Send the completed application along with the bid for your equipment or vehicles to ACCG ([email protected])
  • We will send your quote and completed application to competing banks.
  • Competing banks have ten (10) business days after receiving an application to issue a quote.
  • We will return the bank rate quotes to you. The decision is yours.
  • The county has fourteen (14) days to accept or reject any or all the quotes and 30 days to complete the financing documents.

ACCG has financed vehicle and equipment projects as low as $20,000 to as high as $5 million. Your financing needs are not too small nor too large to use this program.

Interest rates change so there are no guarantees on the rates.

Facilities Financing Program

County governments are increasingly called upon to construct capital facilities to meet service demands, due to population growth or because of federal or state requirements. Counties have a number of options available to pay for these projects, including cash financing, general obligation or revenue debt, special purpose local option sales tax, federal or state grants, or lease-purchase contracting. Under the ACCG Facilities Financing Program, funds to pay for participants' projects are raised through the sale of ACCG securities in the financial marketplace or through direct bank loans. To participate, counties must meet standard measures of financial stability and must need the funds for essential county government purposes. The timing of each issue is dictated by participating counties' needs and market conditions. Participating counties lease their facilities from the association until their final lease payment is made. Within the past five years, ACCG has participated and assisted with over $300 million worth of projects.

Legal Overview and Steps to use the program

  • Contact Brent Williams at 404.522.5022 or email [email protected] to discuss your needs.