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ACCG Insurance Workers Compensation


The nature of county government employment can create the potential for accidents and injuries to your valued employees.

Let ACCG help manage this risk and provide for your workers’ compensation needs.

From public works and transportation, to public safety, parks and recreation and more, the jobs performed by local government employees are extremely diverse. Routine activities expose the county and its officials to the potential for frequent and sometimes large liability awards arising out of personal injury.

The risk management and insurance needs of county governments are unique and require specialized attention, coverage and service. The Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) Insurance Programs are specifically designed to meet these needs.

ACCG offers workers’ compensation insurance coverage for Georgia counties and other governmental entities such as water authorities, development authorities and others through the Group Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fund (GSIWCF). The Fund is a self-insured pool, which means it is a cooperative arrangement created among members to finance or self-insure workers’ compensation coverage. Designed to meet the needs of local governments, it is member-owned and managed by a seven-member Board of Trustees, who represent participating counties.

Because of its large membership, and the historical claim and loss experience generated by the group’s pool, ACCG’s workers’ compensation insurance program is able to accurately estimate and anticipate the amount of claims that will be paid in a given year. Premiums collected from the members are then invested. The members of the program enjoy the benefits of the investment income through reduced costs.

Program benefits:

  • Financially strong and member-owned: ACCG provides workers’ compensation insurance to more Georgia county governments than all other insurers combined and manages assets of approximately $250 million.
  • Locally managed by experts in county insurance: The ACCG Insurance Programs management team has extensive years of combined experience in working with Georgia counties.
  • Specialized, in-house claims administration service: Because ACCG operates an internal Claims Administration Office, claims are handled promptly by people with experience in case management, loss assessment and county and employee concerns.
  • Safety and loss control training: Training programs offered through the Local Government Risk Management Services are targeted for county employees and have proven to reduce liabilities. They are provided to participating members at no additional cost.
  • Members are dividend eligible: Since 1985, the program has returned over $98 million to the membership.


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